National Tribal Energy Association
Uniting Tribal Energy for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Our Mission
The mission of the National Tribal Energy Association is to promote the responsible and sustainable development of tribal fossil fuel resources, while ensuring the protection and preservation of our natural environment and the well-being of our communities. Through education, advocacy, and partnerships, we empower tribes to monetize their resources while maintaining a careful and thoughtful attitude towards environmental, social, and governance factors. We are committed to promoting the long-term economic and social success of our tribal nations, while also honoring our responsibility to future generations and the environment.
Our Strategy
Empowering Communities
The NTEA aims to empower communities by facilitating access to sustainable energy resources, fostering collaboration between tribal nations, and providing educational and economic opportunities.
the Future
By offering expert support, guidance, and resources, the association aids tribes in developing their energy infrastructure in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner.
Resources to
This, in turn, promotes economic growth, job creation, energy independence, and overall community development, ensuring a better and brighter future for the tribal nations involved.
Balancing Tradition and Innovations
Through the integration of traditional knowledge with modern technologies we intend to create a unique and harmonious blend of solutions that respect both the past and the future
Our Board
Stewardship in the National Tribal Energy Association (NTEA) is the embodiment of responsible and ethical management of resources and heritage held in trust for tribal communities. The association's Board of Directors is comprised of distinguished members from various tribal nations, all of whom share a common goal: to effectively bring forth sustainable development while preserving their rich cultural heritage.
Daniel C. Cardenas Jr., a Hammawi Band of the Pit River Tribe member, resides in Saint Stephens, WY, and Miami, FL, with his six children. A University of California, Berkeley attendee and a River City High School graduate, Daniel was an elected member of the Pit River Tribal Council, representing the Hammawi Band.
Mr. Cardenas holds the position of CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of the American Indian Infrastructure Association and the National Tribal Energy Association, both advocating for the interests of Native American Tribes across the U.S.
With a history of serving on various non-profit boards and co-founding organizations like the Wind River Community Foundation and Knowledge River, Daniel is also an Advisory Committee member for the Clean Air Task Force's "Climate Equity and the Clean Energy Transition" Project.
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Daniel C. Cardenas Jr.
CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of the American Indian Infrastructure Association and the National Tribal Energy Association
  • Conrad Stewart
    Director Energy & Water
    Crow Nation
    CJ is an enrolled Member of the Crow Nation, Member of the Big Lodge Clan and Child of the Greasy Mouth Clan. He currently serves as the Crow Nation Energy Director. Prior to that, he worked in private practice as an Energy Consultant for Indian Energy Development and Infrastructure for five years
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  • Lindsay Box
    Southern Ute
    Lindsay Box, a proud descendant of the late Fritz and Pearl Posey Box, as well as the late Howard and Joan Sackett, is the daughter of Orian Box and Jann Smith. She is also the mother of two sons, Tavian and Kiko.
    As a 2021 candidate for the Southern Ute Council, Lindsay focused her program on promoting ethics, cultural preservation, and finding effective solutions.
    Lindsay's vast knowledge and experiences in various aspects of the tribal organization make her well-equipped for her role on the Tribal Council
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  • Carlyle Begay
    As a former State Senator he had worked to give a voice to rural and Native American communities and his constituents as a whole.
    Today Senator Begay continues to serve his people as a Federal and State government affairs advisor to the Office of the Speaker for the 24th Navajo Nation Council. He represents and advises Navajo Nation leadership on numerous policy issues in Washington, DC and for the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico
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  • Ken Hall
    MHA Nation
    Ken Hall serves as a Chairman of the Board of Missouri River Resources. He is a founding member of the Fort Berthold Allottee Land and Mineral Owners Association, Inc., An association advocating on behalf of the mineral owners/allottees on the FBIR; to oil and gas companies, energy companies, and to all federal government agencies. He was a speaker at the North America Energy Summit in Edmonton, Canada 2008
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  • Michael E. Moore
    Executive Director
    Mike Moore is a managing partner and founder of East-West Strategic Advisors, located in Washington, D.C. Mr. Moore focuses on energy assets, sovereign energy security, CO2-EOR-Storage (CCUS), H2, and domestic and international policy. He also serves as a Program Director for USEA
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