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Cipher:Changing the relationship between mining and Native American Tribes by Daniel Cardenas & Rick Tallman

Native American Tribes stand to benefit greatly from mining and processing the critical minerals needed to drive the energy transition in the United States — but only if we acknowledge the sordid history of mining on tribal lands
The Payne Institute: The Colorado School of Mines has announced the launch of a new initiative bolstering the self-determination of tribal communities
The Colorado School of Mines has announced the launch of a groundbreaking initiative through the Payne Institute in partnership with NTEA, aimed at bolstering the self-determination of tribal communities within the energy and mining sectors.
Southern Ute Indian Nation: Chairman Baker Welcomes Box as Executive Officer
Southern Ute Indian Reservation – In a strategic move to enhance leadership and organizational stewardship, Chairman Melvin J. Baker proudly announces the appointment of Ms. Lindsay J. Box as the Executive Officer of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Permanent Fund.
USEA: NTER #6: Energy Infrastructure, Great Northern Corridor, & Economic Development

NTEA representatives joined the USEA round table to discuss key drivers of economic development in Indian Country related to energy development. For efficient energy infrastructure development nationwide, we need unique and community-based solutions. The Great Northern Corridor exemplifies how we strive to achieve an equitable and just energy transition in Indian Country.

Roundtable at USEA
Apr 26th 2023, Washington, DC
Aljazeera: Crow Nation is a place where one could vanish – and many have

CJ Stewart’s cousin. BethYana Pease’s friend. Mary Amyette’s niece. Crow Nation is the sort of place where a person could vanish. And a place where many have.

CJ Stewart, a Crow Nation member, speaks at the US Congress to underscore the detrimental impact that the federal government's actions in Washington, DC, have on his tribe's members.

Aug 16th 2018, US Congress
Indianz: Native Sun News: Crow Tribe leader advises Rep. Zinke on energy
Congressman Ryan Zinke, (R-MT) has taken the bull by the horns in the 114th session of Congress by establishing a Natural Resources